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We build founders to lead under pressure

Leadership is nothing if not pressure tested

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Our solutions

We know it and can deliver it because we've done it all. 

Founders are set up to fail when their development as leaders is perceived as distinct from a growth strategy. Aligning the two can be your portfolio's competitive advantage.

We’ve  solved for pervasive derailers of leadership effectiveness in (real) hypergrowth—across orgs, industries, and the globe—for some of the fastest-growing, most successful companies.

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Growing defensiveness and inability to take advice

Struggling to manage fatigue and unforced errors

Failing to solve problems and keep commitments

Diminishing confidence, presence, and influence

On the road to disengagement and burnout


We're not HR or recruiters. We're a highly specialized extension of your talent team - here to set the conditions for your founders to thrive when the stakes are high.


Pre-seed and due-diligence or post-investment and acquisition, we'll assess where they're at and where they're heading, and develop their capacity to get there under extreme pressures.

VC Backed Founders

& Teams

PE Backed Founders

& Family Owned Companies

Young Student


Founder Abilities

Talent Assessment for Critical Hiring Decisions

Founder-CEO Succession Planning and Talent Evaluation

Founder Coaching and Development

Accelerated Onboarding and Transition

Custom "Portco" Leadership Cohorts
Confident Businesswoman


Team Effectiveness

Team Assessment and Improvement

Operational Modeling & Systems Alignment

Team Coaching

Happy Businessman


Organization Capacity

Organization Capability Assessment

Founder Due Diligence Assessment

Organization Growth Diagnostic

Enterprise Organization Design
Eary Adopters
Founder Capabilities
Team Effectiveness
Organization Capacity
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