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We build founders who can deal with complexity and lead under pressure.

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Our solutions

80% of VC decision-making is anchored in how they feel about the founder. 60% of PE-backed family-owned- businesses fail because of the founder. - Gallup poll

Founders have a competitive edge when their ways of leading are integrated with the company’s growth strategy. Failure to do so often derails them under pressure.


We keep founders on track by setting the conditions for them to thrive in pressure by avoiding:

Confusion about purpose and priorities

The distraction of trivial efforts

Growing defensiveness and inability to take advice

Fatigue and unforced errors

Failure to solve problems

Disengagement and burnout

Diminishing confidence, presence, and influence

Organization Capacity
Team Effectiveness
Founder Capabilities

VC-Backed Founders

& Teams

PE-Backed Founders

& Family Owned Companies

Young Student



Talent Assessment for Critical Hiring Decisions

Founder-CEO Succession Planning and Talent Evaluation

Founder Coaching and Development

Accelerated Onboarding and Transition

Custom "Portco" Leadership Cohorts
Confident Businesswoman



Team Assessment and Improvement

Operational Modeling & Systems Alignment

Team Coaching

Happy Businessman



Organization Capability Assessment

Founder Due Diligence Assessment

Organization Growth Diagnostic

Enterprise Organization Design
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