This is a bespoke partnership, tailored to align your leadership and business objectives in high-pressure, high-stakes moments. 


Uncover mindsets and blind spots not seen previously, and adopt new new tools you can sustain. 

What to expect

  • A 6-month commitment

  • 12-24 individual sessions, 1-2 hours in duration

  • A predominantly virtual engagement, with in-person interactions as needed

  • Unlimited access to your Hiddn strategist for any impromptu conversations

  • Online tracking of objectives, process, and progress

  • Hiddn assessments and diagnostic tools

  • Potential interviews with peers and colleagues



We do not charge by the hour*. Fees range from $6-$18,000 for a 6-month engagement, depending on the outcomes you seek, the size of your company, and your level of accountability.

*Charging by the hour is neither cost-efficient for you nor ethical by many coaching standards. It often leads to selling you hours you don't need.

Office Meeting

For Individuals