Venture Backed Founder Development

You focus on the businesses, and we'll focus on the founders.


Nearly 80% of decision-making on the part of Venture-Capital Funds is anchored in how you feel about the founder. You invest in people, not just businesses.

But cruising on a round of funding on little outcome and a short burst of growth isn't exactly honoring the contract between you and the founder. Where did that promise go?

Close to two-thirds of venture-backed founders (61%) reported "bad feedback loops and "feeling lonely" in 2021.


Bottom line, your founders are feeling the isolation and it shows: 

  • Growing defensiveness

  • Inability to take advice

  • Diminishing presence

  • Little to no influence

  • Anxiousness and fatigue

  • Struggling to solve for problems

  • Failure to meet commitments


Hiddn™ is serving high potential founders who've hit a wall by partnering with growing VC Funds with limited capacity to coach them through the isolation that threatens the venture.


Our evaluators, organizational psychologists, and leadership coaches can design an exclusive and tailored leadership cohort to protect return, growth, and exit on the investment.


Minimize isolation and burnout, maximize collaboration and performance, and optimize the Fund's investment in its human capital in just six months.

Contact us today to be your portfolio's partner in human capital.

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