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You're under extreme pressure to produce quick results in a complex global environment where validation and speed to impact matter. And you don't have the time, tools, or objectivity to quantify and qualify your feelings about key players. You’re looking for an edge, one that hasn’t existed until now. 

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Who is Hiddn Ventures?

Behavioral Scientists 

IO Psychologists

Human Solutions
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OD Consultants
Executive Coaches

We believe leadership is nothing if not pressure-tested. Talk of leadership styles and attributes is irrelevant if it doesn't hold up when the stakes are high. Pressure is the equalizer and knowing how people show up in it is the ultimate edge in business." - Stephen Belenky


Chris Ford

Co-Founder & Operating Partner

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Stephen Belenky

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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Abimbola Akintolayo

IO Psychologist &  Director of Assessments

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