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Leadership optimization for private equity investments and venture capital funds.

We derisk investment and maximize returns by focusing on the human dynamics that drive your porfolio's success.

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We're your human-capital experts.

80% of your investments are anchored in how you feel about leaders.

  • You're a serious investor who relies on data and practical solutions to solve complex business problems.

  • You have little tolerance in the trenches for abstract concepts of leadership that fail to drive real KPIs.

  • You need a low touch, high impact approach that provides in-depth insights in weeks, not months.

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Our insights and strategies inform due diligence, foster smoother integration, and set the conditions for growth and exit.

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Investment Stages

They can make or break key stages of investment.

We work fast in triage to inform and validate your decisions about leaders with no agenda but your portfolio's success.

Investment Execution

Deal Sourcing

Deal Prep


Leaders can thrive in tension and transition.

In recession, these portcos leaned in harder, smarter investment decision were made, and exposure to risk was reduced.

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